Organic Clicks have been Coopted by Paid Ads | Google Gives Customers Only What They Pay For

To a Younger Internet:
Dear internet, it was so nice of you to be created. Now humans have the ability to expand their consciousness to a level unheard of before you. You are fast and slow, clunky and yet refined enough so that novices could learn from you. You were destined for great things. That is until you grew too big and you were worth too much to too many people. Now you’re old and about to get a facelift. A face lift that may or may not change your face of the internet for good or for bad. If I was only concerned with using you to market my ideas I might worry. You see, internet, you were once free and you handed out high rankings like they would soon go out of style. And now you don’t. You’ve been co-opted by large corporations who control what you let us see and even how fast we see it. I’m telling you about the good days, internet, the days when a free, Organic Click was just a properly phrased keyword away. Now, you cost us money for the same thing. We still love you, int…

What is Content Marketing | Words that Attract Traffic

What is Content Marketing You Ask?
Strategically speaking, content marketing is the use of targeted keywords laced among informative information pertaining to a service, product, or profile where the owner is encouraging traffic to an internet property for the purpose of defining the audience and to drive profitability through the use of keywords for content marketing.
Bigbox Content Marketing
Every year the details of budgetary expenditures are tallied to see what really the best form of marketing for a website is. Content marketing for large brands like Microsoft, Cisco Systems, John Deere and Proctor & Gamble are to name just a few big companies who are moving to content marketing as the most effective way to excite its customer base and to translate website traffic into website sales.
The Past, Present, and Future of Content Marketing
When once a few keywords sprinkled among your website’s posts and you’d be good to go. Search engines played a very small role in the advancem…

Emptying the Swamp of Internet Junk

Swirling Piles of Garbage: The Internet Swamp

The internet has its own pile of swirling garbage, much like the Pacific Ocean has its own, swirling pile of junk floating unchecked in the center of the ocean. Internet posts and commentary from all types of internet producers has given rise to the latest trend in internet campaigning, the "Full Blitz".

Facing a Task Head-on

A Full Blitz is when a producer of internet content will fill volume after volume of insightful information to a myriad of different sources, just so that they can pant the revenue links that one day make the producer independent. Here are some ideas on how to monetize your website traffic and how some have failed because they were unable to keep it up until it worked.

You Should Create Better Content First

Creating content that drives traffic requires some insight into what is trending today if your blog is one that requires the new trends of the day to make headway into the top ranks of Google search. Some…

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